About Us

Our story is a little crunchier than others.

At Snackable Treats, we are out to change how people perceive and consume healthy foods. We believe in guilt-free snacking where people shouldn’t have to choose between health and taste. This is why we have come up with our assortment of “snackable treats” made from premium and natural ingredients designed to power your body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Snacks are a fantastic way to incorporate nutritionally dense ingredients in your diet. But making them can be cumbersome. A lot that can go wrong with buying ingredients at separate health stores, weighing out the exact amounts, and combining them to taste flavorful. This is where we come in. We do all the hard work so that you won’t have to.

Founded in Jacksonville, we strive to provide our customers with treats made from nutritionally superlative ingredients like fresh nuts, dried fruits, candies, and tropical mixes. We add no artificial flavors, preservatives, and sweeteners to our products as our products are 100% natural and formulated to fuel you for the day!

About The Founder

Carl Rouse founded Snackable Treats after becoming frustrated with the lack of healthy snacking options in Jacksonville. He vowed to create a variety of delicious, healthy snacks that weren’t too heavy on the pockets. However, his mission wasn’t easy. After countless trials and experimentation, he finally put together various treats made from the best-dried fruits, nuts, and tropical mixes.

Before founding this company, Mr. Rouse graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master of Business Administration, worked for 12 years as a cook in the restaurant industry, and has 6 years of management experience. His management prowess, coupled with his cooking skills, make him the best candidate to fulfill our vision of healthy snacking!

Our Vision

Our vision is eternal. We want to make healthy snacking a new norm.

We’re working to cultivate better, nutritious, and sustainable snack choices at the most affordable prices.